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untitled 08-1822 (i love how you know the roses)
untitled 08-1821
untitled 07-1819
untitled series 1.03
untitled series 1.04
untitled series 1.01
untitled series 1.02
untitled 08-1823
untitled 07-1820
elevations 005-07
elevations 005-08
untitled 07-1821
untitled 09-1723
untitled 05-1817
untitled 05-1816 (be like water, be like trees)
elevations 005-05
elevations 005-06
elevations 005-03
untitled 03-1814
untitled 01-1808
the simple math on account of her time and places
all yours get the xo
the sure hearts release
untitled 03-1611
untitled 05-1620
untitled 05-1616
untitled 05-1615
untitled 05-1613
untitled 02-1606
untitled 02-1609
untitled 02-1603
untitled 02-1607
untitled 02-1602
i trust the place where our bodies meet. i want the part where we say yes.
you always (a credible persuasion)
hello love (she says) i made you a pie
i love you with all of my heart
it all rises to the surface + i'm (still) yours
i like it when you say please
go ahead (see me) in your dream
i adore you. i adore you.
her boy smile, all of it true
precursory bearing on the full 7
elevations 003-08
18 to the 5 to the come what may
we found it indefinitely contiguous
2010 - 2011
she held to account a storied record of events I
it's like dreaming in the Key of G
she's easy to write home about
it comes into play more often than you'd think
2008 - 2009
lovely weather come sunday
the sky kept its promise (and the blooms came 'round again) 1:1, 1:2, 1:3
blanket rumors spun gold
free dreams, no waiting
ochre II
untitled story no. 47
2006 -2007
two and then three
there is always yes
2004 - 2005
blue nine
queerly peared 1
two green
river 9
blue 1
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