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untitled 21-1130
  untitled 21-1131
untitled 21-1132
untitled 21-1128
untitled 21-1124
untitled 21-1125
untitled 21-1122
untitled 21-1123
untitled 21-1120
untitled 21-1121
untitled 21-1118
untitled 21-1119
untitled 21-1133
untitled 21-1134
untitled 21-0401  
untitled 21-0413
untitled 21-0403  
untitled 21-0412
untitled 21-0410   untitled 21-0411
untitled 21-0406
untitled 21-0407
untitled 21-0404
untitled 21-0405
untitled 21-0408
untitled 21-0409
untitled 21-0414   untitled 21-0415
how to land it softly
how to play with the others
untitled 1119-02  
untitled 1119-03
untitled 1019-07
untitled 1119-01
untitled 05-759 (let the rocks in the river remind you)
this is the landscape, imagined from her body recollecting yours
and so to open the middle way   untitled 0619-45
(the heart just wants
what the heart just wants)
untitled 03-1841
(from whole cake)
  untitled 03-1842
(from whole cake)
untitled 03-1843
(from whole cake)
  untitled 03-1844
(from whole cake)
untitled 03-1907  
untitled 03-1908
untitled 03-1909
untitled 03-1910
untitled 03-1911  
untitled 03-1912
untitled 03-1831
  untitled 03-1832
untitled 03-1833   untitled 03-1834
untitled 03-1903   untitled 03-1904
untitled realm of the dream,
  elevations 005-17 (the rise of
how we find the open sky)
2017 - 2018
untitled 07-1819   untitled 08-1822
(i love how you know the roses)
untitled series 1.03  
untitled series 1.04
untitled series 1.01
  untitled series 1.02
untitled 08-1823
untitled 07-1820
elevations 005-07
elevations 005-08
untitled 07-1818   untitled 05-1816
(be like water, be like trees)
it's how we knew we'd open up the full on measure (of an eager light)   ongoing recollection of sweet fortune and its vital heart
untitled 03-1815   we'll see you there in no time
(btwn the middle and the wonder)
elevations 005-05
elevations 005-06
elevations 005-03   untitled 03-1814
untitled 01-1813  
untitled 01-1811
elevations 005-01   elevations 005-02
all we make of it, long promised   untitled 01-1807
untitled 09-1723
  untitled 09-1724
there is convexity in her claim   it's mostly how she knows the things (as true and well humored)
already revelry
(all the words for be + true)
it was (always) when i knew (you)   for all the good, we gather
untitled 10-1621   untitled 10-1622
the sure heart's release
untitled 05-1620
close enough to feel you close
(a map of love + its regard)
  untitled 05-1617
untitled 05-1616
untitled 05-1615
untitled 05-1614   untitled 05-1613
untitled 05-1612   untitled 03-1611
untitled 03-1610   untitled 02-1609
untitled 02-1606  
untitled 02-1607
untitled 02-1608   untitled 02-1604
untitled 02-1602   untitled 02-1603
i trust the place where our bodies meet. i want the part where we say yes.
  the both + always
i could look at your face forever
hello love (she says) i made you a pie
i love you with all of my heart
it all rises to the surface + i'm (still) yours
i like it when you say please
elevations 004-001   elevations 004-002
untitled traveling interval 150803   in beauty we are undone
(a thousand ardent times)
as long as we are still at yes   untitled traveling interval 150739
and there in the midst of your most interesting bravery (i held you)   all told, you + your wild hello (remember, remember)
and then when your lucky kindness arrived    
beyond lucky, we are beholden   the dream reconciled us clearly
to a kind goodness
untitled traveling interval 14101   sometimes, we know what we're doing (i choose you)
and so to be loved by you,
i arrived now + here with you
  what is true is this + always
i adore you. i adore you.
  everything is a love letter
(us 2 us 3) we set out
to heal the world + we did
go ahead (see me) in your dream
untitled traveling interval 141   untitled traveling interval 142
we find ourselves in league
(good things ahead)
  we gather, luminous
untitled traveling interval 557   her boy smile, all of it true
elevations 003-08   it was when she heard
the hummingbird
untitled traveling interval 791
  untitled traveling interval 792
precursory bearing on the full 7   enter me gladly (a lover's poem as six of one) 1-6
she whispered again,
3 and 20 love letters
  it's like being yours truly
elevations 003-05   elevations 003-04
elevations 003-01   elevations 003-02
elevations 003-03   because there is you,
and time is plenty + enough
untitled traveling interval 756   and you (addendum)
and: also you (addendum 2)   yes you yes (you yes you)
18 to the 5 to the come what may
  10 map 5, then over to 11
there is convexity in her claim  
we found it indefinitely contiguous
just being with you
is enough (untitled ascendant)
  untitled river poem
(high tide love and rambling)
the significance of saying yes - I   the significance of saying yes - II
colloquy   i've always been with you,
and now i am here
she held to account a storied record of events I
  she held to account
a storied record of events II
elevations 002-11   elevations 002-06
elevations 002-05   counting back from 100,
he finally remembered
...come Spring.   it's something that grows well
in open spaces
elevations 002-04   in her recurring dream,
even the flowers are flying
elevations 002-03   elevations 002-02
elevations 001-16   elevations 001-15
elevations 001-14   elevations 001-13
elevations 001-12   elevations 001-11
elevations 001-10   elevations 001-09
wanting is as wanting does   going going (going) going
believe me,
it makes for a wonderful diversion
  she maybe has the sequence off somewhat, but all the pieces
you need are there
elevations 001-08   elevations 001-07
elevations 001-06   elevations 001-05
elevations 001-04   elevations 001-03
elevations 001-02   elevations 001-01
twelve spare moments
(yield twelve more)
  it's patterned after some
emerging gladness
(she said yes)
didn't think twice
  he counted memories
instead of sheep
untitled green (he dreamed
of strawberry figs)
  after which there was a cascade of open questions
he dreamed of his family,
he dreamed of the sea
  life well may be long,
and passing yonder still
counting back from 100,
he finally remembered everything
it's like dreaming in the Key of G
okay, so there was also
this other part
  straight on 'til morning
just dig where the promise is buried   it's a word like trees + wonder
she'll be coming 'round the mountain  
it comes into play more often than you'd think
once glad twice elated  
she's easy to write home about
it means everything
to come back blue
  in any case, she had a soft landing
the sky is rising,
the sky is rising
  it was a tall order, yes,
but she had her compass
suffer no fools, gladly   i assure you, we hold fast
to the mercy
the sixth letter came
after the first five
  (it's true mostly)
upon some reflection
lovely weather come sunday
  seed 1-6
they live like laugh + logic 1-2   it matters in that
everyone matters 1-3
contranym I-II   she left her red shoes on the porch
for hope to find 1-3
she flies finally free   she counted out
the letters up to five
(safety in spirits) no one
knows how exactly
  oh why, why not
she finds her way as she goes along (light sight unseen)  
the sky kept its promise (and the blooms came 'round again) 1:1, 1:2, 1:3
there's something good
in the water, too 1:A
  there's something good
in the water, too 1:B, 1:C, 1:D
it's a generous persistence
(her kissing mouth)
  there's more where that came from
see clear to the other side   it's no travesty to try your luck
untitled horizon, early evening   we cultivate cause
she danced the shimmy
and the shake
  there is a beneficent leaning
no way out but thru   she sang that sweet same
song she always sang
paying june to rob january  
blanket rumors spun gold
ochre II
  it's always half full somewhere
count up to ten and back again   from suit to memory
(largely affable)
it's a place like jump + prospect  
untitled story no. 47
circus six seven   we can get there from anywhere
untitled blue (her night sky's desire)  
free dreams, no waiting
she loves being loved   we planted the plum tree out back
there is always three (+more)   her songs came out in rhyme
2006 - 2007
we listened, and
the wind picked up
  (i promise) she made it through
they knew what to make of it
this time
  there was also singing,
believe me
even with the map, they
there is always yes
the illogic of division   when she counts herself in
landscape portland, c-5   this is where
some of it happened
it was like this, as it happened   if it then comes to this
red V   it could still be coming
rather than breaking, we hoped   even though this also mattered
they passed hand to hand   if it is mysterious
and there is no hesitation
it held (then opened)   they were not obscured
we fell in to it  
two and then three
howl   the sky knows (its pleasure)
2003 - 2005
queerly peared 2   mapping his cherries
red IV  
queerly peared 1
3 downstream   ladder for magpie
river 33   river 41
green seven yellow five   orange red yellow
two green
river 9
orange pink two   green five
blue nine
  orange thirteen or twelve
blue 1
  red III
ochre I   green purple
red three and three and two   five fares four
circus pink orbit   collected blue and blue
collected green and yellow   purple count seven
2001 - 2002
yellow two   yellow four three suns
white two   red three
red II   pink two blue three
orange three   orange sky
franky comes running   collected red three
between the boyfriends   a boy and her dogs
tattoo 5   tattoo 7
knee pain   grace calls god loudest
green twelve times twelve   blue green four
blue two   red I
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